Treasure 60 – Innovation, Ambidexterity, Pirates, Courage

Dear treasure readers, this week I have the shortest treasure so far. In less than 10 minutes you have digested all the nuggets. Nugget #1 is a real innovation quickie. Everybody should have two minutes available. Sabine Eckhardt caught me with the title. Or did you know what the phrase “The horse does not eat cucumber salad” means? The moral of the story is that an idea or invention is… Read More »Treasure 60 – Innovation, Ambidexterity, Pirates, Courage

Treasure 43 – Innovation, complexity, remote work

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The attentive readers of my blog have probably noticed it. On Monday my compass article, didn’t happen. I had a problem with my database last weekend and spent my time repairing it. After this is fixed, we can continue with treasure #43. Nugget #1 comes from Gunnar Sohn. His article continues the topic of ambidextry from the past treasures. The article starts with a look at how many jobs will… Read More »Treasure 43 – Innovation, complexity, remote work


“Sparks” – Why there’s no innovation under water

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In the last weeks there were two contributions on Twitter, which inspired me to this post. Warum gibts so viele #PflichtMeetings ? Wäre es nicht toll, wenn jmd, der was zu erzählen hat, einfach wie im #barcamp in 60 Sekunden seine Session pitcht und die #mitarbeiter #selbstorganisiert entscheiden, zu welchem Thema sie was geben oder lernen wollen? #NewWork — Luise Freese 👑 MVP | 🧞 #ProvisionGenie (@LuiseFreese) March 16, 2018… Read More »“Sparks” – Why there’s no innovation under water

Treasure 40 – Digitization, Ambidexterity, Innovation

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Ahoy! This week the treasure is a bit text-heavy again, but no less interesting. If you also want to share a nugget or even fill a treasure, please let me know via[email][/email]. Nugget #1 is about rural exodus. In Germany, metropolitan areas such as Munich and Hamburg continue to grow steadily. Real estate prices and rents are climbing to dizzying heights. On the other hand, in structurally weaker regions only the… Read More »Treasure 40 – Digitization, Ambidexterity, Innovation