Treasure 95 – Teams & Trust

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How do I put together a team? What does trust have to do with credit? How can you learn something about trust in a game? Treasure 95 fulfils three wishes at once. Like Kinder surprise did in a famous German commercial during my youth. In Nugget #1 Dr. Joachim Schlosser writes about team composition. With a quote from Pirates of the Caribbean he quickly got the attention of CompanyPirate. How… Read More »Treasure 95 – Teams & Trust

Treasure 88 – Excel, Quota, Decisions

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Is Excel harmful? Does it need a women’s quota? How do you make decisions? A colourful treasure with words, sounds and pictures provides answers and suggestions. Nugget #1 is about a disease. Is your company also infected? Tobias W. Goers diagnosed it in medium sized companies. But I also know it from large corporations. This is the Excel dilemma. Excel is the Swiss army knife for pretty much every question… Read More »Treasure 88 – Excel, Quota, Decisions

Treasure 57 – Podcastspecial

Dear treasure readers, right now I’m not only packing treasures, I’m also packing moving crates. That’s why today’s issue is exceptionally available for breakfast on Sunday morning. Today, the treasure chest is filled exclusively with podcasts. This makes the treasure chest perfect for Sunday excursions or consumption at the lake. Or how about an alternative program to the sunday crime thriller on TV or Netflix? The treasure also fills an… Read More »Treasure 57 – Podcastspecial

Treasure 36 – Innovation

Nugget #1 is from Katrin Bernreiter and a quick read. She collected the top five killer phrases on innovation. And here, killer phrases are to be taken literally. Because it’s guaranteed to kill ideas. I’m sure everyone’s heard one of those phrases before: How to kill innovations – the top 5 killer phrases (2 min, text, German) Nugget #2 is written by Greg Satell on Harvard Business Review. I am… Read More »Treasure 36 – Innovation