Treasure 104 – Agility, Data Science, Effectuation

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How does the classic organisational tanker become an agile fleet association? How do you become a Citizen Data Scientist? What is the affordable loss? The nuggets in treasure 104 are real heavyweights and have the potential for significant change in your company.

Treasure 47 – Think big, Effectuation, Innovation

I’m back from vacation and 2 weeks with longer periods of digital detox. But now I continue to provide my weekly findings from “sailing trips” through the net. Nugget #1 has long been a contribution by Nadja Petranovskaja. Nadja chooses some nice examples of great things that existed before someone talked about project management or even digitization. For something like the pyramids, “only” ingredients such as dedication, enthusiasm and a… Read More »Treasure 47 – Think big, Effectuation, Innovation