What if…? A blogparade about fascinating scenarios of the future.

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What is the blogparade about?


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Often we are so caught up in our daily routine and regular thought patterns that true innovation – in whatever field – becomes difficult or even impossible. We believe that only what we know and can imagine is possible and feasible. True innovation and disruptive ideas or concepts rarely adhere to what we already know, otherwise they would not be disruptive.
That’s why we want to go on a mental journey with you on which anything is conceivable and realizable.
We want to hear from you: What if…? 
Question your and our mental (and self-imposed!) barriers, expand, provoke, offend and shake us up with your terrific and fascinating scenarios of the future!

Is there a special focus?

My blog deals with topics around companies: Innovation, Leadership and Economy. This is also my focus for this blog parade. The following questions came to my mind:

  • What if there were no bosses? What if everyone was his own boss?
  • What if there were no more growth?
  • What if there were no competition? What if all companies would cooperate?
  • What if your company is the next Nokia or Kodak?
  • What if machines were creative?

What do you think the future would look like? Which questions still need to be asked? I am looking forward to every contribution and question from you, which will help to broaden my and our spiritual horizons. Need more inspiration? Not your business? Then have a look at the sites of Bianka Groenewolt and Gregor Ilg. I’m running this blog parade together with them. Still haven’t found what you were looking for? Then feel free to choose your own theme. Whether education, social affairs or politics: Break through mental barriers, welcome fascinating ideas for the future!

Why you should join this blogparade

  • Use the rare opportunity to break out of your daily routine.
  • Connect with new people and perspectives and get new followers for your blog or podcast.
  • And maybe your contribution will be the beginning of a project that changes the world.

How can you join?

  • The blog parade runs from Feb 19 to Mar 23 Dec 31 2018.
  • During this time you can publish your contributions on your own blogs, media, podcasts, Youtube, LinkedIn, Xing etc.
  • Please write the link to your contribution in the comment field below this post.
  • If you don’t have your own blog or channel, please send your contributions by email to [email]tobias@companypirate.de[/email] and I will publish them here.
  • A short introductory explanation for your readers on this blog parade is highly recommended.
  • To tag your post on social networks, please use the hash tag #whatif. You are also welcome to link my profile in the post, then I will be notified immediately.
  • If you want, feel free to start your own “what if…?” blogparade. Just choose your own focus topic and/or questions, publish and link it in the comments to this post. That would be the world’s first “blog parade of blog parades”.

As I said before, this blog parade is a joint action by Bianka Groenewolt, Gregor Ilg and myself. We will all like a lot, share, clap, mark posts as favorite and retweet. We will summarize and comment your contributions at regular intervals.

Come on, let’s go!

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