Treasure 44 – Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Remote work

This week starts with the topic of education. In nugget #1 Catharina Bruns writes about entrepreneurship in schools. Developing economically responsible citizens, promoting a culture of independence and a creative mentality are three of the five reasons that I can all fully endorse. I would have wished for a subject like that. If one continues the suggestion to carry out the subject interdisciplinary, one would not even have to add up large hours. It could be perfectly integrated into the existing lessons. Create a business model canvas in English, calculate the business plan in mathematics, prepare a presentation for investors in German and build a prototype in handicraft lessons. I’m sure that subject would quickly become my children’s favorite. I think we adults could learn a lot from this too, because our children often have refreshingly simple and innovative approaches to customer problems. We can probably wait for the Ministry of Education for a while longer. So we parents need to be active. Where are parents, teachers and schools who want to experiment? Or are there perhaps already first experiences?
Lesen, Rechnen, Schreiben, Entrepreneurship! (11 min, text, German)

In nugget #2,Sophia Rödiger gives an insight into how an innovation culture is developing at Daimler Financial Services and how the company is constantly reinventing itself. Because they don’t want to end up like video stores. They rely on the same mix as we do with the Innovation Club – external impulses and internal innovative strength. The latter needs space for experiments. In companies trimmed for efficiency, this has to be re-learned. External impulses are found by “treasure hunt”. Maybe one of my nuggets will find its way to Daimler Financial Services!?
Ist das neu oder kann das weg? (4 min, text, German)

Nugget #3 comes from one of the top experts on remote work –Lisette Sutherland. She found her way to the TEDx stage and starts with an exciting story. The saxophonist of her favourite band called her and invited her to come on tour as a merchandiser. A real dilemma, because she did not want to give up her dream job for it. Equipped with a mobile router of her boss, she could work from the tour bus. The fascination for remote work was awakened. Besides a few other benefits Lisette gives tips on how remote work works. From basics like webcam, over virtual offices up to telepresence. I share her vision: do the job you love from the place you love. (13 min, video, english)

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That’s it for this week. A few minutes left on the weekend? If you would like to work on a brighter future, check out the #SchöneZukunft Challenge.