Treasure 46 – Agility, Learning, Republica

Nugget #1 is about agility in mechanical engineering. But I think the result is also relevant for my industry (semiconductors) and many other engineering professions. Bastian Wilkat runs the podcast “Der Flaneur” and has Benno Löffler on the mic in episode 40. The first part deals with the organization of the company into functional departments. With the statement “If the problems that are actually to be solved become interdisciplinary, then the departmental boundaries do more harm than good” I had to nod fiercely. The next topic is the transformation of management. Interestingly, in this context, the term fear falls quite quickly. Listen to the story on minute 18, it’s genius. But Benno really gets going when it comes to introducing agile methods. I almost couldn’t continue to drive my car because of heavy laughter. I like his direct manner very much. His final statement about voluntariness and benevolence is also beautiful. The question “Am I developing benevolent behaviour or not?” is definitely included in my repertoire.
E40: Agile mechanical engineering with Benno Löffler (Vollmer & Scheffczyk GmbH) (40 min, audio, German)

Nugget #2 is something for the visual people among you. On Sirkka Freigang‘s blog I came across a beautiful sketch note, which was probably originally drawn by Andy Chelchowski. It is a summary of the book “Learn like a Pirate”. With this title of course not much more is missing to land in my treasure. The sketchnote propagates the classroom led by students. I see many parallels to self-organized companies. Indeed, the sketchnote can be easily applied to companies. I hope that many school and company managers will stumble upon this sketch note and dare to experiment with it.
LEARN LIKE A PIRATE (5 min, sketch note, English)

The digitization conference re:publica dominated my Twitter timeline two weeks ago. For all those at home like me, Nugget #3. Maike Kueper has published a nice retelling. It’s her first blog post and I’m looking forward to more. I would like to repeat here the point regarding Ranga Yogeshwar’s lecture that there are bigger human and ecological problems to solve than smart kettles. When it comes to digitization for city and countryside, Maike tips water on my mills and I have to dig up my blog series on remote work again. I had to watch Maike Janssen’s lecture in the video. After all, my current platform project is the perfect didactic play on the subject of “muddling through”. By the way, the visualization with pipe cleaners is a big deal. You can find this and all other presentations on the Youtube Channel of re:publica.
Re:publica 2018 – A very personal retelling (6 min, text, German)

The next 14 days I am on holiday, things will be a bit quieter here. So that you won’t get bored, I recommend the #SCHÖNEZUKUNFT CHALLENGE. So it’s best to register right away. See you soon!