Treasure 51 – Values, Speed, Presentations

Thank you for the numerous feedback and sharing of my anniversary issue. This encourages me to tackle the next 50 treasures. I hope I haven’t spoiled you too much with the extra portion of nuggets, because this week there are again three finds as usual. In retrospect, I noticed that all the nuggets were in German. That’s why there’s more content for my English-speaking readers this week. I also replaced the scribbled picture of the treasures, as they are no longer a prototype. Extra credits go to my son Valentin, who provided me with the treasure and helped with the photo session.

Nugget #1 comes fromAnthony Ongaro, who runs the youtubechannel and blog Break the Twitch. At this point, thanks to my colleague and regular reader Gerald for the tip with the Groundup Podcast. I found the interview with Anthony a bit lengthy, but the episodes on the Break the Twitch Channel are really entertaining and to the point. I particularly liked the episode “Visualize your personal values”. You’ve probably faced a situation where you needed advice? Of course you can ask family, friends and acquaintances. But they may not be available right now and their opinions may be too homogeneous. It would be much cooler to have your own board of directors. And everyone can afford it thanks to Anthony’s tip. I’m already putting together my board of directors. (4 min, video, english)

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Nugget #2 is a summary of the Leadership Day St. Gallen. In her first LinkedIn article,Franziska Dolak has nicely summarized the various impulses. I particularly like the subject of speed. How many companies are thinking about speed or even setting themselves this as a goal? Quickly find out whether an idea is resonating on the market, quickly receive initial feedback on a product or service, make quick decisions? Mosten often I see this with start-ups. They can’t afford it any other way. I don’t want to propagate running without thinking or the famous shot from the hip as a panacea. At the beginning of the year I was also allowed to see a lecture by the well-known climber Alexander Huber. The two brothers had set themselves the goal of breaking the speed record on the famous mountain “The Nose”. And they didn’t make one big plan. But they have prepared a route and material and went on to the mountain. Of course, the record was not broken with the first attempt. They took a short rest period, analysed their mistakes and adapted their plan. With each attempt they became gradually faster. I think this is the approach that we should also take in companies.
Leadership between High Performance and Speed (6 min, text, english)

Nugget #3 is about a topic I never had in treasure chests before: Presenting. Unfortunately, this ability is not really promoted in many technical professions. However, there are many good ideas and messages that are worth seeing and that do not reach the recipients due to poor presentation. The Christmas tree problem the article talks about is a widespread disease. Who does not know the PowerPoint presentations overloaded with facts, figures and data. “It’s an eye chart” is at the forefront of meeting bullshit bingo. The article provides some good tips on the structure and construction of a presentation. I’ve stumbled across Chris Anderson’s book “TED Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking” (*) several times now. I’m gonna put this on my reading list.
Convincing presentations and lectures: Tips from Obama’s speechwriters (5 min, text, german)

So long, have a nice weekend!


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