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Hello treasure readers,

this week the treasure is a little bit more visual, Microsoft appears in two contributions and all contributions are by women. At the very end of the treasure there is a little extra nugget today. More will not be revealed yet 🙂

Nugget #1 is a cool new interview format. Philipp Depiereux is CEO of the digital agency etventure and interviews people who want to make a difference in his Tesla. For me, the changerider format is a foretaste of the future. Because it will be quite normal that we work in autonomous vehicles on the way from A to B as in the office, hold conferences and also record interviews such as the Changerider. The series of interviews started with none other than Minister of State Dorothee Bär. Last week Magdalena Rogl was a guest. The Head of Digital Channels at Microsoft is well known in the NewWork filter bubble. I would like to take up three aspects of the interview here. First, I find it encouraging how Magdalena talks about her career. For me, this is prototypical for career in the 21st century. To this day, careers are often still about gaining knowledge, graduating and then climbing a career ladder. In complex environments, however, knowledge is often not important, as it does not yet exist. What counts here are soft skills. How well can I make decisions in complexity? Can I work well in teams across departments, countries and industries? Besides, for me career means that she adapts to the situation in life.
That brings me to aspect number two. Magdalena talks about flexible working hours and working places at Microsoft. Even if one hears from time to time of difficulties with Microsoft in this connection, I am of the opinion it is the model of the future. I summarized the advantages a long time ago in an article and showed ways to make it work.
On the third aspect, failure, I disagree slightly with Magdalena. Of course I fully agree that this should not be celebrated. Especially when you knowingly hit the tree at full throttle. But I think that a more open approach to failure would do us good in Germany. We are sometimes so risk averse and full of fear that we forgive a lot of potential. In my opinion, being silent does not help. I could go on writing on this subject forever. I think this is something for an extra blog post. Now have fun with the video. (22 min, video, German)

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Nugget #2 is really text-heavy and a classic long read, Renata Zmrzla writes about digitization. There are articles on this subject like sand on the sea. This often involves the technical aspects. But Renata’s article is refreshingly different. It encourages each of us to take on the role of Momo from Michael Ende’s “Neverending Story” and to develop positive images of a future with digitalization. According to the definition of “space interior”, Renata describes what their space interior looks like. There are two spheres. Robots and algorithms cavort in the technical sphere and take care of giving us a pleasant life. The interaction between humans becomes less and less in this sphere, because almost everything is automated. That’s what the second sphere is for.
I find the description of this sphere awesome. Renata describes a similar picture as I anticipate. We can already see today the first indicators that institutionalised education is dissolving. There are also nice examples of this in the article. However, the following quote resonated the most with me:

In 2048, value will be generated in co-growing sites that offer space and time to develop human potential in the best possible way. Companies that promote this will be respected and successful, enabling them to realize new projects again.

My author partner Alexander Gerber calls this “Greatness beyond Egobarrier”. At this point many thanks for spotting this article. If you still have time after reading the article, take a look inside your own space. Maybe you’d like to share your perspective with me?
Momo and digitization or: The expansion of the potential space. (12 min, text, German)

Nugget #3 is for my english readers and the second long read. Tracy van der Schyff writes about Microsoft 365 and has written 365 posts about it twice in two years. Since I don’t use Microsoft 365, it’s not so exciting for me. I also haven’t counted them 😉
I probably liked the article so much, because I’m ticking like Tracy. The article contains exactly the same reasons why I run this blog here and for my other activities. After more than a year it’s time to write something about the why of the blog. Like Tracy, the blog is a learning tool. By writing I get my thoughts sorted, I can chew around on topics and the treasures deepen what I have read and sort it in for myself. Of course, I could do the whole thing just for me. But I am firmly convinced that sharing makes you rich. Tracy says among the 7.5 billion people out there, there are some who can benefit for sure. This is my contribution to take the world a tiny bit further.
I also strengthened my digital muscles by blogging. I now know how a blog works, including the technical backend, have learned a lot about social media and digital marketing and above all I enjoy writing. I have always been convinced that I can’t and don’t like it. This has changed fundamentally. Even if I still have a long way to go before the championship.
Tracy also goes into the failure, by the way. With her, an attempt at suicide has failed and I think that in this case the failure can be celebrated. Otherwise there wouldn’t be this wonderful blog post. At this point many thanks to Luise Freese, who promoted this article. If you are still looking for a sketch artist for your next event, you are in good hands with her.
Microsoft365: Why I wrote 365 blogs in a year, TWICE! (11 min, text, English)

As promised, there’s another little goodie this week. On Twitter Steffi Tönjes started the action #officeslang. With the contributions collected so far you can play bullshit bingo for the next few years. And if your favourite phrases are not yet included, then feel free to contribute to the activity.

Have a nice weekend!