Treasure 67 – Innovation culture, Task map, New Work

Dear treasure fan,

today a little later, because I had to get my head clear first. My week was dominated by farewell from my current company and today I had my last day. In the future, I will devote myself more to the topic of my heart, innovation. My team gave me a large treasure chest, in which I can collect analog nuggets now.

Nugget #1 is consumed quickly. But it works! Förster & Kreuz report about a strategy workshop they participated in. A team introduces its work, explains and explains until someone stands up and yells “Come on, forget it”. I think that’s a good thing. Because often the listeners think so, but you don’t say it. But I find the reaction of the team much better. They are not insulted or defend themselves, but take it sporty and sit down laughing and to the applause of the rest on their seats. Have you ever experienced something like this? That’s a great breeding ground for innovation!
COME ON, FORGET IT! (2 min, text, German)

As promised, there is always an English nugget. In Nugget #2, Allison Rimm introduces the Task Map tool. It is about the assignment of skills and interests in the team to the upcoming tasks. There can be changes on both sides. For me, interests and skills change definitely over time. On the one hand because I have learned enough on a certain topic, on the other hand there are trends that fascinate me. But also the tasks of a team can change. For example, in the electronics industry more and more software is needed. This requires new skills and the ability to master hardware is needed less. The Task Map is definitely a tool for my toolbox. Have you ever done such an exercise in your team? What were the experiences like?
Use a Task Map to Improve Your Team’s Performance (5 min, Text, englisch)

Do you love podcasts? Then Nugget #3 is for you. If you haven’t heard any podcasts before, this would be a good reason to start. Mark Poppenborg and Lars Vollmer present 7+1 dimensions for success in the new world of work. I think it is a good compass for the individual journey on the career path. I would like to pick three of the dimensions and add a thought.

  1. Collaboration is one of the most underestimated skills. This is because many people are not aware that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Together with Alexander, I write the book “The art of collaboration” to show how really good collaboration can look like and develop. We already have three chapters and you can follow the development of the book thanks to Leanpub. For my loyal treasure readers I sponsor a round of promocodes. Just drop me a note.
  2. Entrepreneurship is viewed as a dimension that concerns founders, managing directors or senior managers. In my eyes this is far from being the case. In times of high dynamics and high market pressure, it is not enough to rely on a small number of people at the top of the pyramid to have an overview of everything and always have the right ideas. In the future, algorithms and machines will also take over many steps of execution. How do we differentiate from them?
  3. “Brand me” is therefore the logical next step of entrepreneurship to one’s own person. What are my qualities? Which activities do I like to do? Who can need that? Who can help me? What are my channels to the “customers” of these qualities? These are questions you should ask yourself regularly. Running social media or a blog is not rocket science and is a lot of fun. I know what I’m talking about. So just give it a try. I’m happy to make my blog available for a guest contribution.

The 7+1 dimensions for your success in the new world of work (90 min, audio, German)

That was it for this week. Next week I allow myself a week of holiday before I start my new assignment. On my trip I probably won’t collect any nuggets on the topic of innovation and collaboration. I don’t want to leave you without a weekly treasure. Let’s see if I can get this done before I take off. Have a nice weekend!