Treasure 69 – Failure, Learning, Megatrend

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Hello treasure chest fan,

first a big thank you to Mario and Hans-Martin for their contributions to the community treasure. The book Peopleware has crossed my path several times. Now it’s on my reading list, too. And all pirates will be happy about the sunset over the sea. Unfortunately there is no English Nugget this week. I haven’t found¬†something valuable this week. The textual contributions can be translated easily by DeepL.

Nugget #1 is a nice post by Katja Diehl about failure. Interesting are her thoughts, why failure is so negatively occupied. Fear of failure is widespread. Failure is immanent if you leave the comfort zone and venture into unknown terrain. In sport, teams learn through losses. Baseball coach Daniel Schober once told us at an Innovation Sparks event that even a good batter doesn’t hit more than a third of its shots. Failure is part of the game. I also like the reference to Thomas Edison. I already published an article about what you can learn from him.
Not failure! Chance! (7 min, text, German)

Nugget #2 is about learning. Ralf Hilgenstock writes on LinkedIn why known learning platforms are counterproductive. This week I had a conversation about knowledge management. The article also mentions some of the challenges I see:

  • Networks are becoming more important than hierarchies. Today, knowledge is largely shared within hierarchies and along vertical reporting paths.
  • Training/learning is organised centrally in companies. This means an enormous loss of speed in the horizontal provision of knowledge and training. It is often difficult for the central learning team to assess how many people in the company are interested in a new topic.
  • Learning becomes more and more individual. How do you enable individual employees to learn about a future topic where there are no ready-made seminars yet and insights are updated within a very short time?

Whether the proposed platform Moodle can solve these challenges and is easy to use, I cannot judge. Have you used it before?
Learning platforms as we know and use them are counterproductive …¬†(5 min, text, German)

I take up the idea of the book tip and have a book as Nugget #3. During my vacation I read the book “The Megatrend Principle”. In the first part Matthias Horx clears up with doom scenarios. That fits perfectly to the statement of our #MutLand initiative. In the later chapters one learns what constitutes a megatrend and the different megatrends, which the author sees. Only then is there a look into the future. The part about complexity at the end was a bit too short for me. The book also lacks some tension in some chapters. Overall, however, it is a very interesting work and you can then see where the journey will take us in the next few years.
Amazon (*), Goodreads (323 pages, text, German)

That was it again for this week. Have a nice weekend!

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