Treasure 70 – Innovation & Learning

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Hello treasure reader,

Today I’ll start with the English piece first. Nugget #1 deals with the composition of a team in environments with high uncertainty. When it comes to innovation, that’s certainly the case. Author Nathan Furr and his colleagues have identified three characteristics that make such teams successful. People who feel comfortable in insecurity and “chaos pilots” who question the status quo usually have a hard time in normal organizations. Because they are measured by compliance and alignment. But I find the aspect of divergent thinking even more important. At school we learn the exact opposite. And also here regular organisational structures tend to promote convergence.
If Your Innovation Effort Isn’t Working, Look at Who’s on the Team (5 min, text, English)

You have to plan a little more time for Nugget #2Daniel Tyoschitz challenges corporations and all companies that are committed to innovation. He has identified 10 types of innovation theatre. At first, the article was a little too much bashing for me. But in the second part there are enough suggestions on how to effectively drive innovation along these 10 vectors instead of theatre. New for me was the COICO model. I agree that all five levels must be covered in order to achieve real innovation. What about these five levels in your companies?
Why corporate innovation fails (11 min, text, German)

Nugget #3 is a really engaging lecture by Simon Dückert. I recently had the pleasure of participating in an expert debriefing and stumbled over lernOS while researching this method. I’m 100% convinced that today you can’t get very far without constant learning and development. All the more reason for me to be pleased that there is support in the form of lernOS for self-organised learning and working. And the best thing is that it is under a creative commons license. That means it is free and can be further developed by the community. In my new role I have to learn a lot of new things. I will try to found a lernOS Peergroup and report on my experiences occasionally. If you are interested in a peergroup or have already gained some experience, please contact me. (39 min, video, German)

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Back to the topic of the first nugget. Frank, the protagonist in our book The Art of Collaboration, is not yet feeling comfortable in uncertainty and is still searching for the recipe for his team. The fourth chapter was published yesterday. I have a handful of promocodes available. Just contact me.

Other than that I wish you a nice weekend and look forward to welcome you again to Treasure 71!