Treasure 91 – Decisions, Agile Games, Entrepreneurship

How to make decisions? How to learn agile mindset in a playful way? How do my employees learn entrepreneurship? Few recipes, but lots of food for thought in the newest treasure.

Nugget #1 is about decisions. Recently I moderated a Brownbag Lunch on this topic and all agreed that that there are hardly any opportunities to educate oneself about decisions. So it is not surprising that powerful tools like the Consent Decision are barely known. Joan Hinterauer takes this up in the first part of his article. I really learned something new in the second part. It deals with the question, who makes which decisions. Make structural decisions by all concerned people – fully agree. But to make strategic decisions with as many people as possible seems to be far away from any logic. But at a second glance it makes a lot of sense. (5 min, text, German)

Differences between self-directed and agile organization – Focus on decisions.

Last week I was at the PMWelt Conference in Munich. Udo Wiegärtner offered a session “Agile Games” with more than a dozen exciting games about agility and teambuilding. I could try out three of the games. I could have spent the whole day in the session and try even more games. 360 Stories is a great icebreaker for team workshops. It was exciting what personal stories we told each other as a group of strangers. I had already written about Moving Motivators in Treasure 77. But my personal highlight was a team role simulation with the help of the XBOX game “Overcooked”. That also made sure that I spent more than 90 minutes in the room. An overview of another five games is Nugget #2, found in the blog of Joël Krapf. (3 min, text, German)

Five effective workshop games to ignite one agile mindset

As Nugget #3 I put another podcast episode into the treasure. The team of Bytabo, a startup in my neighbourhood, runs the digital galaxy podcast. There are exciting guests on the subject of digitisation, interesting lifehacks and much more. Recently they interviewed Johannes Ellenberg, author of the book “Der Startupcode”. The episode is much about entrepreneurship. An important component is personal development. In times of high complexity external security (of the employer, social systems) loses its power. Self-confidence is therefore an important skill. When companies demand entrepreneurial thinking from their employees, they should invest in personal development and self-confidence. I think that would be a topic for a separate article. Interested? If yes, write me a short comment / message with questions or perhaps also suggestions. (47 min, text, German)