Treasure 93 – Diagrams, Presentations, Digital Leader

Do you know Marimekko charts? How do you start a successful presentation? What makes a digital leader? This week there are numerous valuable tips and tricks for presenters and all those who don’t want to miss the connection to the digital age.

For company presentations it is often a matter of presenting figures, data and facts. This is often done simply as a table. Since a picture often says more than a thousand words, a diagram helps to convey the message. In Nugget #1 Stephan List introduces two Chart Choosers. With these tools you can select which chart is the most suitable for your presentation. You can even create a template for Excel or PowerPoint. This saves some manual work. But the third tip including info graphics is really exciting for me. This is how I got to know new diagram types that are worth a try. In the corresponding medium article there is a lot of information about it. Since an important presentation is about to take place, I will take a closer look at it. What are your tips and tricks about diagrams? (2 min, text, German)

Which diagram is suitable for which data?

When speaking about presentations, I have another valuable find. In Nugget #2 Yousef “Yoyo” Abu Ghaidah shares his tips for a successful start of a presentation. I have held one or the other presentation during my school and study time. But I didn’t really learn the tools for good presentations. For my children it doesn’t look any different at the moment. In my professional life there was a very helpful training. But everything else was self-study through good books, webinars and for example TED talks. Otherwise it means practice, practice, practice. Meanwhile I really like to present. Nevertheless, I am still learning new things and I still have some points that I would like to improve. If you are looking for a talk for your next event or just want to have a lightning talk in your organization, please contact me . I am looking forward to your inquiries. (6 min, text, English)

The Go-To Strategy To Start A Presentation Like a Pro

Do you have no time to read? Maybe you are on the road for 30 minutes and have time for a podcast my colleague Benjamin Wölfel recommended. In Nugget #3 Saskia Grossmann speaks with Prof. Dr. Yasmin Weiß about Digital Leadership. Even less so than mastering presentations, you learn skills such as empathy and creativity at school. People in companies in the digital age should bring along, acquire or expand these skills. I would like to follow up on three aspects from the episode.

  1. In the future, IT skills will also have to be taken into account when selecting and training managers. By this I don’t mean that managers should write great software. As a digital leader, for example, you should have an answer to the following questions. How do you get information in social media? What is an enterprise social network and what advantages does it have for my company? What other questions should a digital leader be able to answer for you?
  2. Network! Within the company this is still relatively easy. Even more important is to get input and help from outside. This is easier today than ever before. For example, on Meetup you can find events in your region where you can meet other interested parties about a certain topic.
  3. Make learning a behavior! Keeping fit for the job is as much about hygiene as brushing your teeth every day. So make learning your habit. With podcasts, for example, this can be done easily during the daily commute. More exciting episodes can be found in former treasure chests.

(36 min, audio, German)