Treasure 98 – Customer centricity, social innovation, bullshit jobs

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Do you hear your customers? Can social innovation be economic? Do you have a bullshit job? This treasure is a plea for meaningful work.

Do you also work in a department? Then you might know the dilemma. Everybody is functionally divided and everybody has own goals. Some are responsible for the timely delivery of new products, others for quality and purchasing for costs. Conflicts of objectives are pre-programmed and bonus linked to the achievement of objectives adds a few drops of oil to the fire. Due to all the internal “noise”, the customer has not been “heard” for a long time. In the long run, only structural change and organization along the customer journey will help. As a first step a Customer Touchpoint Manager might be helpful. That’s what Anne M. Schüller suggests in Nugget #1. Is there such a role in your company? If so, I would be interested in your experience. (6 min, text, German)

Why customer centricity does not work in many companies

Is the common good and economic efficiency a contradiction? More and more entrepreneurs are proving the opposite. Nugget #2 is a short and concise article by Franziska Köppe on LinkedIn about Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. I think the topic deserves even more publicity. There are so many challenges waiting for courageous founders. 154,000 have already dared to do so in Germany. There may well be a few more to come. Hopefully, Franziska’s sketch note encourages more. Let’s share even more examples of successful social entrepreneurs together. How about a book with founder stories? (1 min, text, German)

Social innovations – more than the link between the common good and the labour market

Have you ever heard of a bullshit job? Lydia Krüger aka Büronymos writes about it in her usual pointed way in Nugget #3. I think we do well to check our tasks regularly for bullshit. In most companies, a lot of things come together. With the many hours collected, we could then work, for example, on social innovations. I’m sure I’ll find some time of my week that went into bullshit. Probably the sensitization is enough to be more careful with the time. What percentage of your time do you spend with bullshit jobs?