Treasure 99 – Digital, Competition, Drama-Triangle

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What is happening in Munich on the subject of digital? Is competition a result generator? What is the drama triangle? A text-heavy but no less interesting treasure creates new perspectives.

Digitalization is on everyone’s lips and also in past treasure it was often a topic. For everybody interested in practice instead of theory, Google published 25 stories from the state capital of Bavaria and made it as Nugget #1 into this treasure. I would like to highlight three:

  1. CompanyPirate would like to inspire people in companies to try new paths. This mission is shared by 48forward. Their podcast is subscribed by me and the festival is registered in my calendar. Who of my readers is interested in coming along?
  2. Digital labs are currently very trendy and the danger of cargo cult is high. But in a location like the factory district there is a chance of surprises. This location will be on my watchlist!
  3. You are looking for really good and entertaining explanation videos? Then have a look at Summary – In a Nutshell. I have joined the 9.1 million subscribers.

Thanks to Alejandra Armendáriz for sharing the article on LinkedIn. (10 min, text, English)

25 Munich Stories

A year ago I wrote about competition. Christoph Bauer was present at my session at the intrinsify Wevent in Munich. His article about competition is Nugget #2 and worth reading. In purely mechanical processes, competition can still help to achieve better results. But when it comes to innovation, this tool is poisonous. So better follow Christoph’s suggestion and abolish individual goals. (3 min, text, German)

Also a prevention of success is the drama triangle. I learned this term in this t3n article , this week Nugget #3. I’ve also been trapped in the drama triangle several times. Fortunately, I am now sensitized to the mechanism and have the opportunity to get out. Have you ever been trapped in the triangle? (4 min, text, German)

This is the sucess killer number 1

The next treasure will be an anniversary treasure. Therefore I’m looking for input from my loyal readers. What were your favorite nuggets? Which topic should appear in the treasure? Would you like to say something about issue 100? Give me your inputs as a comment or via my channels.