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What’s How do you go through a crisis? How to deal with surprises in life? Treasure 108 is a treasure for Hans-Martin Hilbig, who like me is a big fan of the format. Do you also have a desired theme for a treasure? just write to me.

Nugget #1 – What’s

Do you know already? If not, Claus Riedel explains it short and sweet. In addition, for connoisseurs still one or other inspiration is in the interview – for example for new locations. Maybe you have access to a cool location and would like to host a event?
By the way, the format can also be used very well as an event in your own company. Take a larger conference room, look for 2-3 internal or external speakers and apply the 3 x 12 min principle. Ideally, you should also organize a few drinks and snacks. Alternatively, you can ask the guests to bring a snack with them. The learning and networking event needs no more than 90-120 min. By the way, I am happy to help with the start and can take over a 12 min slot. Just let me know! (6 min, text, German)

Don’t waste your time!

Nugget #2 – How to go through a crisis?

In Munich I was infected with the virus. Thanks at this point to Oliver Thum from Mantro for the warm welcome back then. In Munich I stood also for the first time on the boards of the 12min stage. Because the Munich team always records for YouTube, you can now enjoy the talk from Christoph Gredel. Using an oven pizza and a tram driver from Vienna, he tells us how to master complex times. That’s all I want to spoil.
An entire industry is currently in crisis and not a day goes by without an automotive supplier announcing bad news and jobs being at stake. I would like to see some people in the industry take a look at Patrick Jarry. I find that inspiring to get out of the crisis. Otherwise, we should all take to heart one of my favorite quotes that Christoph brings to the end of his presentation. (12 min, video, german)

“Everything will be fine in the end. And if it isn’t fine, it’s not the end yet.”

Oscar Wilde
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Nugget #3 – Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans I already visited in Erlangen and Nuremberg. At the latter I will be on stage for the second time in November. Christina Burkhardt has already done it. Personal stories are one of the many reasons why I like so much.
Christina tells some personal stories because she had more than one valley to go through. She already made some lemonade out of the lemons that gave her life. A role model how to exploit surprises. One of the lemonades is the Shiftschool, an academy for digital innovators and worth a look. Faithfully to the slogan “what is the worst that can happen…” she simply founded the unconventional school.
I remember the story of Nicolas Reis, who was on stage at mantro on the same day as me. Once a month he does a day on which he lives with a minimal budget. Little money is no longer the worst thing that can happen to him. He knows now that he survives with very little. One concern less!

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