Treasure 107 – Complexity, Career, Intrapreneurship

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What are the advantages of complexity? How do you “make” a career? What are the advantages and disadvantages of intrapreneurship? Treasure 107 has taken more than a week. There are over 30 minutes of pure reading material. By the way, if you are more into videos stay tuned for treasure 108.

Treasure 77 – Innovation, Onboarding, Career

Nugget #1 comes from the pen of Dr. Sebastian Vetter. It is about the topic of innovation hubs. In this article the lessons learned 11-15 are listed. The first part is also very worth reading. Innovation tourists often fall into the trap of the Cargo cult. Then fancy office layouts are copied and you wait for the innovations to bubble up. But what drives me the most is measuring innovation.… Read More »Treasure 77 – Innovation, Onboarding, Career

Treasure 56 – Career, Digitization, Learning

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Hello treasure readers, this week the treasure is a little bit more visual, Microsoft appears in two contributions and all contributions are by women. At the very end of the treasure there is a little extra nugget today. More will not be revealed yet 🙂 Nugget #1 is a cool new interview format. Philipp Depiereux is CEO of the digital agency etventure and interviews people who want to make a… Read More »Treasure 56 – Career, Digitization, Learning

Treasure 48 – Career, Homeoffice, NewPay

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Nugget #1 may seem a little unusual at first glance. On Monday evening, when I go to my weekly basketball training, I listen to the show Mensch Otto. Thorsten Otto interviews extraordinary people within an hour. This week Ali Mahlodji was his guest. I follow Ali on Twitter for a while and his portal Watchado was already topic of an earlier post. In the interview Ali tells how he came… Read More »Treasure 48 – Career, Homeoffice, NewPay