Treasure 58 – Pattern breaker, Development, Remote work

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Dear treasure readers, this week the time between the treasures flew by. Treasure #57 wasn’t until Sunday morning. I hope the podcasts were entertaining, because this week I have something for your ears again. In addition, there is finally an English article again. Nugget #1 is about courage and experimentation. I took part in the blog parade of corporate rebels some time ago and there was a very controversial discussion… Read More »Treasure 58 – Pattern breaker, Development, Remote work

Treasure 54 – Innovation, Corporate, Experiments

Nugget 1 has resonated with me the most this week. No wonder, because Maike K├╝per’s post is about innovation. First of all, I fully agree that innovation is not always the next big thing. In addition to large disruptive new products, services and business models, there is also innovation on a small scale. As long as it is new and solves a customer problem it is innovation for me. This… Read More »Treasure 54 – Innovation, Corporate, Experiments