Treasure 117 – Change

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Why and where do so many changes fail? Do we really want to get people on board? Does walking help with change? The year 2020 will be a year full of changes – for me personally, for the company where I work full-time and also for whole industries. So it was time to dedicate a treasure to this topic.

Treasure 96 – Learning

What helps lifelong learning? What are learning organizations? What is the 70-20-10 rule? This week there is a treasure full of learning topics. Last week I had a short talk with our two working students who said goodbye in the afternoon to go learn. “Tobias, luckily you don’t need to learn any more,” said the one to me. I quickly took the illusion away from him. I think I am… Read More »Treasure 96 – Learning

Treasure 90 – KLIP, WIP, Digital

How to measure learning progress? What can a company learn from a dentist? How does Porsche approach digitalization? I have learned a lot with treasure 90. I have already written about KPIs and their negative sides in treasure 87. Lars Richter shows another dark side in Nugget #1. It can demotivate when learning. Fortunately he offers an alternative – KLIPs. They measure progress in learning. This can definitely motivate. For… Read More »Treasure 90 – KLIP, WIP, Digital

Treasure 80 – Learning, Conferences, Knowledge maps

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Hello all, this week the treasure is a little late. There was a team workshop, a business trip to Munich and two sick kids on the program. That’s why the nuggets are coming on Sunday afternoon. I already introduced lernOS in treasure 70. In Nugget #1 Dipl-Ing. Alexander Rose describes his experience from 12 weeks circle. The goals of the cross-functional circle members were quite different. Nevertheless or maybe because… Read More »Treasure 80 – Learning, Conferences, Knowledge maps