Treasure 90 – KLIP, WIP, Digital

How to measure learning progress? What can a company learn from a dentist? How does Porsche approach digitalization? I have learned a lot with treasure 90.

I have already written about KPIs and their negative sides in treasure 87. Lars Richter shows another dark side in Nugget #1. It can demotivate when learning. Fortunately he offers an alternative – KLIPs. They measure progress in learning. This can definitely motivate. For example, I use the language learning tool Duolingo. There are streaks, which measure whether I learn daily, and badges, which reward certain progress. Why not apply the whole thing to development plans in companies? I’m sure there are already solutions. I’d be happy to hear about your experience, either as a comment or personally. (9 min, text, German)

Have you ever heard of Kanban? Tim Themann explains it quite nicely in Nugget #2 using the example of a dental practice. Thus terms like bottleneck and WIP (Work in Progress) limit become quite clear. Now you can think about where the bottleneck is in your work environment. This can be an expert who has to evaluate processes. But it could also be a session in which decisions are made. Just as the doctor’s office can’t just hire more doctors, maybe you can’t reduce the bottleneck so easily. Then a WIP limit would help to optimize the lead time. So which WIP limit could make sense for your case? How many “waiting rooms” would make sense? I look forward to your feedback in the comments. (3 min, text, German)

Bastian Wilkat had already contributed a nugget last week. Nugget #3 comes from him again, because he invited Anja Hendel to his podcast on my recommendation. She runs the Porsche Digital Lab and gives an insight into what happens there. For me, Porsche is a classic hardware company, but it manages to work on digital solutions quite “unagitatedly”. So it’s not “Let’s go for a platform”, but they focus on generating added value for external and internal (e.g. Porsche plants) customers. This seems to work well and without much bullshit bingo. But listen yourself! (47 min, audio, German)

E61 – How the Porsche Digital Lab enriches the core business

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