Treasure 52 – Training, Agility, Relaxation

Dear readers,

The football world cup is currently still underway in Russia. Even though I’m more into basketball, I’ve watched a game or two and admired great team performances. Today’s treasure is therefore mainly about sport. And since summer holidays are on in Germany and many other countries, I have also put a very special nugget in the box.

In Nugget 1, which are actually two nuggets, Dr. Andreas Zeuch and Dr. Joachim Schlosser are the role models for leadership in the penalty shoot-out on the subject of sport. There are no losers, because I can gain something from both perspectives and the articles are also written in an exciting way. I often use sport myself as a metaphor and also get some ideas from the world of sport. All the more I like Andreas’s point that sport can also learn something from new work in some areas. Above all, I can fully endorse the gender gap point. The ladies have certainly played more handsome matches than our gentlemen recently and have less media presence. But Joachim hit my nerve with the points about training. In my view, this is far too neglected in companies. How much time do we take to develop our technical skills? How much time do we take to automate processes? The situation is even worse in the area of soft skills. How much time do we spend on training communication and cooperation (interaction)? How much time do we spend on personal development? Usually we run from project milestone to project milestone: 100% game, 0% training.
Why top-class sport is not a model for management (9 min, text, German)
8 reasons why competitive sport is a model for professionalism and leadership (10 min, text, German)

In Nugget 2 I take up again the topic of speed from last week. I stumbled across the recording of Alexander Huber’s talk I mentioned, which the makers of REConf kindly published on YouTube. Without permanent training and improvement of their skills, the two Huber brothers would certainly not have achieved the many speed records. But I would like to take up the speed record of “The Nose” again at this point. In my opinion, this is a good example for projects in companies. Preparation without planning everything in detail, then to the mountain (=market) and learn, take a rest and analyze what you have learned, adapt tactics/plan and back to the mountain. That’s agility for me.
The lecture by Alexander Huber was also perfectly trained. I was impressed how well he had dubbed his presentation to the current video.
(42 min, video, German)

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Nugget 3 is contributed by Hans-Martin Hilbig, a regular reader of my treasures. High-performance phases also include rest phases and regeneration. That’s why this nugget is something relaxing. Sit back, enjoy the video and dream of the sea, your next vacation, a ride on the waves or a delicious coffee in the beach café. Maybe the video also inspires someone to digital nomadism or a so-called workation? I could imagine working out of the lighthouse in the video for a while. Where would you like to work from? Please let me know in the comments.
As you may have noticed, parts of the video were recorded from a drone. If you are interested in the topic feel free to reach out to Hans-Martin, a real drone pro.
(3 min, just video)

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That’s it for this week. Enjoy the weekend! All football fans have fun watching the final of the World Cup!

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