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Hello dear treasure reader!

This week Nugget #1 comes as podcast episode. Ingo Stoll eased my drive between Bamberg and Coburg with the latest episode of MoTcast. The futurist Jens Hansen was a guest in his podcast. He does not simply take a look into the glass ball, but raises questions about the future based on history and current trends. That’s sometimes quite exhausting and controversial, but that’s what makes this episode so special for me. It’s not only about the economy, but also about society and the state. Jens Hansen criticizes missing visions in Europe and points out that China in particular is full steam ahead on the way to a new “operating system”. I found his review of the last industrial revolution particularly exciting. In his eyes, this was compensated by a consumer society, which is conclusive for me. But what comes after the consumer society? As an industrial and automotive nation, do we manage to develop visions? I think we have enough bright minds and a young generation that can do it together. What would be your vision for the next great epoch?
Digital Disruption and New Visions (076) (69 min, audio, German)

Nugget #2 is another list of book recommendations from the magazine impulse. The last list in treasure chest 76 was well received. I don’t know yet whether I’ll invest the hundred euros in the Innovation Handbook. The orbit organization sounds interesting and could make it on my list in 2019. But the main reason why I added this article to my treasure was the book “Die Künstlerbrille”. In the sample, the authors suggest a daily “What if, …?” question. From my own experience I can say that this is a very powerful exercise. Some people have tried our What if blog parade. I think some exciting visions came out of that. What would be your “What if, …?” question? Maybe you even want to write a little article on it.
You should read these books in 2019 (5 min, text, English)

The question “What can we learn from artists” reminded me about composer Clemens K. Thomas, whom I heard at the end of 2017 on dreiCDay from Christoph Thomas. I put his lecture “Kreativität auf Rezept?!” as Nugget #3 into the treasure. When he writes a new song, he doesn’t even know what to expect at the end. The eraser is an important tool for him. For us in companies, “eraser” is usually considered a failure. Someone made a mistake. Equally bad is idling or underutilization. But we need that as time for leisure. That’s when the good ideas come and not when the brainstorming meeting takes place at 11:00. Finally, we need a change of perspective, a confrontation with the stranger. This is also not opportune in many companies. Expectation is following of rules and “uniformity”. So what would happen if we all try the artist mode next week?
(34 min, video, German)

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