Treasure 81 – AI, Accountability, Collaboration

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Is our work being taken away by machines? What is accountability and who is accountable? How can I create collaboration in a way that everyone is involved? Inspiration to these questions can be found in today’s treasure.

Nugget#1 is an entertaining interview with brain researcher Henning Beck. It was recorded at the Pathfinder Festival by intrinsify, a network I’m part of. Many people are afraid of digitalisation. Algorithms and robots can already take over simple tasks that were carried out by humans a few years ago. With increasing computing power and thanks to learning systems and neural networks, the next few years will bring even more. “Machines will take away our work” is therefore the horror scenario that repeatedly makes headlines. Henning Beck remains quite cool. Most machines can only make decisions in a very limited context. Not to mention assuming responsibility. Instead of man versus machine, we should rather say machine supports/supplements man. Can’t agree more!
But Henning Beck makes three more statements, which in my opinion ensure success in the complex world of tomorrow and ensure we are sparring partners for machines:

  1. Can you explain complex matters in a simple way? Do you master storytelling? Especially in the technical disciplines there is great development potential.
  2. Making is more important than making it perfect. I’m currently working in the automotive industry. New players are appearing: Tesla (ok they’ve been around for some time), NIO and other Chinese OEMs. Tier1s make the step into B2C business. New forms of mobility are emerging. No one can predict which products and services will be successful. That means making and testing. Lean Startup is the right tactic for me.
  3. Be curious. Be a positive interferer. For me, that’s what’s behind the term Companypirate.

But now have fun watching (14 min, video, German)

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Responsibility is also the subject of Nugget #2, the latest blog post from Fabian Schünke on the V&S Blog. In my daily work I am constantly confronted with the concept of responsibility. But I couldn’t define it any better than Fabian. I like the picture of the gift. Interestingly, I know many situations in which nobody picks up a gift. Sometimes rightly, because they are things you do, because they have always been done. But there are also gifts that the company cannot safely ignore. But you don’t see the damage because it will happen in the future. The article does not solve this question. But how one keeps the responsibility already. Curious? Well here you go:
Responsibility – accesses, it is enough for all there (4 min, text, German)

My favorite podcast, Firmenfunk from Leonid Lezner, delivers Nugget #3. The guest was Christian Weinert and had Liberating Structures in his luggage. Two years ago one of my employees brought this tool from ReConf and I use it regularly. Who doesn’t know the situation? One works in a workshop or team meeting on the solution of a problem. The implementation is a bigger undertaking, you don’t get enough money from the sponsor and the capacity in the team is also missing. 15% Solutions are the structure of choice. What can you do until the end of the week without any support from others? Usually this is exactly the one small step to get started. I have also used Troika Consulting for peer consulting. I did several rounds at once. So everyone was advised in three troikas and got several perspectives on his challenge. So what are you waiting for? Just try out Liberating Structures. A 1-2-4-All is always possible!
FF055 Liberating Structures (68 min, audio, German)

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