Treasure 92 – Visualization, Innovation, Trello

How do you record essentials on paper? How does Daimler develop new business models? How do you get more out of Trello? You’ll learn that in the latest treasure. The treasure now appears every Monday. So you can try out the inspirations directly in the company throughout the week. I am a little more flexible over the weekend with the composition of the treasure. If you don’t want to miss out on the treasure, I recommend subscribing to bottle mail. Here are the three gold pieces for this week.

Constanze Riess had an interesting lecture about visualization at pathfinder Festival 2018. I’m a visual person, so she quickly recommend herself for Nugget #1 in this treasure. Although I’m a fan of the paperless office, the following statement still excited me: “Paper has a built-in expiration date. When it hangs on the wall and tears slowly, it asks us if we still need it.” In fact, I love flipchart documentation in workshops. A paper on the wall is actually more present than a file on our hard drive or in the cloud. I like the idea of the flipchart with the headline “Which statement will you remember?” I’ll use it in one of my next workshops or Brownbag meetings. What are your visualization tips? (17 min, video, German)

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As you may know, I work in the automotive industry for about half a year now. Reports from the industry on the subject of innovation are always interesting. Nugget #2 is episode 49 of the hy podcast in which Christoph Keese talks to Susanne Hahn about Lab 1886 of Daimler AG. Inspired by the spirit of Gottlieb Daimler, new business ideas are found, developed and commercialized there. According to the business magazine Capital, Lab 1886 was among the top 3 in Germany. Even though Susanne Hahn avoided one or two critical questions, she opened the bonnet wide enough and provided many insights. What about new business ideas or even business models in your company? I would be very happy about exchange. (30 min, audio, German)

Are you using Trello? I use it both as Kanbanboard for the treasures and have further boards as knowledge map for various topics. In Nugget #3 Luisa and Katrin from Erzaehldavon give a lot of tips for using Trello. Although their examples refer to projects in associations, they can easily be transferred to projects in companies. For example, I found the tips on workflows very interesting and helpful. What is your favourite Trello Workhack? (10 min, text, German)

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