Treasure 63 – Collaboration & Innovation

Dear treasure readers, at the moment I’m on the road a lot. So I consume one podcast episode after another. Nevertheless, I also put some textual and visual stuff into the treasure to keep it balanced. Good news for my English readers, because this time there are two nuggets in English. Nugget #1 is a comic that was created by Zühlke Engineering. Seven principles of virtual collaboration are written down in… Read More »Treasure 63 – Collaboration & Innovation

Treasure 62 – Performance, Diffusiontheory, Change

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Dear treasure readers, Today all senses are addressed. That means there is something for visuals, readers and listeners. Nugget #1 comes again from my blogging colleague Gregor Ilg. Last weekend there was a thread on Twitter to measure performance contributions: Um den Ball aufzugreifen und weiterzuspielen: Selbst eine Niederlage kann ein wichtiges Puzzlestück auf dem Weg zur Meisterschaft sein. Zurück zur Ausgangsthese: Wofür messen wir individuelle Leistung eigentlich? —… Read More »Treasure 62 – Performance, Diffusiontheory, Change

Treasure 61 – Self-responsibility, motivation, innovation

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Hello treasure fans, Have you already digested the contents of last week? Here comes a new set of nuggets. Nugget #1 is for the friends of the well-groomed audio entertainment. I dug up another podcast. Since I am not a Bayern1 listener, I had never heard of the blue couch before. It’s in the editorial office of the radio station and celebrities regularly sit on it for an interview. Recently,… Read More »Treasure 61 – Self-responsibility, motivation, innovation

Treasure 60 – Innovation, Ambidexterity, Pirates, Courage

Dear treasure readers, this week I have the shortest treasure so far. In less than 10 minutes you have digested all the nuggets. Nugget #1 is a real innovation quickie. Everybody should have two minutes available. Sabine Eckhardt caught me with the title. Or did you know what the phrase “The horse does not eat cucumber salad” means? The moral of the story is that an idea or invention is… Read More »Treasure 60 – Innovation, Ambidexterity, Pirates, Courage