I don’t have time for this…

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Hello, you, I’m over here! Helloooooo! Yes, I mean you… Still can’t you see me? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. Most people don’t see me. And that since I’m so tall and I’m standing in the room with you. Some people see me too. But they act like they don’t see me. Some people look the other way. Maybe it’s my size? Or the wrinkled grey skin? But… Read More »I don’t have time for this…

Treasure 55 – Management, Decisions, Responsibilities

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Hi treasure hunters, Yesterday I got good feedback from my reader Alexandre. He asked me when I would release another English treasure. I do this every week, because I now publish all articles bilingually. To change the language, simply click on the American or German flag in the navigation bar. In the mobile view on your smartphone or tablet, this is unfortunately hidden and you have to open the navigation… Read More »Treasure 55 – Management, Decisions, Responsibilities

Treasure 54 – Innovation, Corporate, Experiments

Nugget 1 has resonated with me the most this week. No wonder, because Maike Küper’s post is about innovation. First of all, I fully agree that innovation is not always the next big thing. In addition to large disruptive new products, services and business models, there is also innovation on a small scale. As long as it is new and solves a customer problem it is innovation for me. This… Read More »Treasure 54 – Innovation, Corporate, Experiments

Treasure 53 – New work, remote teams, design sprint

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Dear treasure readers, this week it’s going to be text intensive again. But I can promise that all texts will be written in an exciting way and above all that there will be great visualizations. But before I produce much additional text myself, I prefer to open the treasure quickly. Nugget 1 is a kind of travelogue. Ines Timm, Johanna Röhr and Johanna Felde are digital communication students on a… Read More »Treasure 53 – New work, remote teams, design sprint