Treasure 71 – Visual thinking, Innovation, Courage

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Welcome back, without further ado we go to the Nuggets of the week. I love it visually! That’s why Nugget #1 is a video series about business visualization.Christian Botta, Daniel Reinold and Bernhard Schloß have written a book on the subject and created a series of small videos on LinkedIn Learning. The video of the week is even available without a LinkedIn Learning account. In the featured video Bernhard Schloß explains… Read More »Treasure 71 – Visual thinking, Innovation, Courage

Treasure 70 – Innovation & Learning

Hello treasure reader, Today I’ll start with the English piece first. Nugget #1 deals with the composition of a team in environments with high uncertainty. When it comes to innovation, that’s certainly the case. Author Nathan Furr and his colleagues have identified three characteristics that make such teams successful. People who feel comfortable in insecurity and “chaos pilots” who question the status quo usually have a hard time in normal… Read More »Treasure 70 – Innovation & Learning

Treasure 69 – Failure, Learning, Megatrend

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Hello treasure chest fan, first a big thank you to Mario and Hans-Martin for their contributions to the community treasure. The book Peopleware has crossed my path several times. Now it’s on my reading list, too. And all pirates will be happy about the sunset over the sea. Unfortunately there is no English Nugget this week. I haven’t found something valuable this week. The textual contributions can be translated easily by… Read More »Treasure 69 – Failure, Learning, Megatrend

Treasure 68 – Community treasure

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As I announced last week, I’m currently charging my batteries in Croatia and Greece for relaxation and to catch a few rays of sunshine before the cold and foggy autumn days. I will collect more holiday impressions than nuggets for the treasure. I’ll try the experiment of a community treasure, so that you don’t have to abstain from the weekly dose of nuggets. This is the opportunity to put your… Read More »Treasure 68 – Community treasure