Treasure 42 – Values, Innovation, Pirates

Nugget #1 is a wonderful podcast about values. Mike Kaiser presents three exercises to find out our personal values. Some of you may be familiar with the exercise of your own eulogy. But I have never read the task so motivating. Writing the speech from three perspectives (someone from the family, a colleague and a friend) creates a round picture. But also the island game is exciting. The perfect episode… Read More »Treasure 42 – Values, Innovation, Pirates

Treasure 41 – Anxiety, Retrospectives, Complexity

Nugget #1 is another crisp article by James Lawther. He calls his article Corporate Cancer, a sick company. He first clarifies the difference between “Fear”, a reaction to real danger, and “Anxiety”, a reaction to a perceived danger. James then lists some consequences of subtle anxiety in the company, from lack of creativity to sweeping problems under the carpet. Then James explains the symptoms of anxiety in business. It is… Read More »Treasure 41 – Anxiety, Retrospectives, Complexity

Treasure 40 – Digitization, Ambidexterity, Innovation

Ahoy! This week the treasure is a bit text-heavy again, but no less interesting. If you also want to share a nugget or even fill a treasure, please let me know via[email][/email]. Nugget #1 is about rural exodus. In Germany, metropolitan areas such as Munich and Hamburg continue to grow steadily.┬áReal estate prices and rents are climbing to dizzying heights. On the other hand, in structurally weaker regions only the… Read More »Treasure 40 – Digitization, Ambidexterity, Innovation

Treasure 39 – IoT, Craft-Beer, Confidence

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Because of the holiday the treasure is for dinner tonight. If you’ve had enough of all the classics on TV, there’s food for your ears and something to read. I also share findings from my trips through the net during the week. The Companypirate is already on Facebook as an extra page. So sail by quickly, subscribe and leave a like.┬áMore channels will follow in the next weeks. I am… Read More »Treasure 39 – IoT, Craft-Beer, Confidence