Treasure 38 – #LINKSDERWOCHE, Industry 4.0, Self-organization

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Nugget #1 is actually not a single nugget but a whole bunch of nuggets. Compared to my treasure chests, Thomas Michl’s #LINKSDERWOCHE are whole treasure islands. Once a week he shares his findings on productivity, project management, agility and leadership. Most of the time this is much more than you can really try out, but a little choice won’t hurt. This week, for example, I was impressed byNadja Petranovskaja‘s article “Happiness: Small gestures… Read More »Treasure 38 – #LINKSDERWOCHE, Industry 4.0, Self-organization


What if there was no competition?

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When I kicked off the blogparade What if…? I asked the question: What if there was no competition? Some may have wondered how I came to this question. When my sons first heard about the diesel scandal last year, they asked why there was competition. All the car manufacturers could simply work together to develop and sell a clean car. I explained them what a monopoly is and what disadvantages it brings.… Read More »What if there was no competition?

Treasure 37 – business model, innovation, future

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Nugget #1 is a beautiful article on medium. John Elkington and Richard Johnson wrote it for the business magazine Fast Company. The thesis they put forward is: “Business models are what connects a technology’s potential with real market needs and consumer demand”. I very often observe that companies put a lot of effort and money into disruptive technologies and innovation, but completely ignore the business model. Based on a video of the… Read More »Treasure 37 – business model, innovation, future

Treasure 33 – Organizations and Culture

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This week’s treasure is about organizations and culture. I haven’t counted the number of organizational changes I’ve gone through in the last few years. It is likely double digit. Talking to other people in corporates and medium sized companies, I hear similar stories. I believe companies struggle more and more to keep their organizations adjusted to the complexity of today’s markets. So maybe this treasure gives you some inspiration on how… Read More »Treasure 33 – Organizations and Culture