Treasure 97 – Digitalization & Courage

How far apart is the engineering world and the digital world? How do you solve the shock of digitalization? What costs causes lack of courage? A treasure chest for reflection, developing ideas and controversial discussions. Nugget # 1 is an article on digitalization by André M. Bajorat. Oh no, not again about digitalization, you’ll think. Do not worry, the article is not the usual bullshit bingo, but offers many impulses… Read More »Treasure 97 – Digitalization & Courage

Treasure 71 – Visual thinking, Innovation, Courage

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Welcome back, without further ado we go to the Nuggets of the week. I love it visually! That’s why Nugget #1 is a video series about business visualization.Christian Botta, Daniel Reinold and Bernhard Schloß have written a book on the subject and created a series of small videos on LinkedIn Learning. The video of the week is even available without a LinkedIn Learning account. In the featured video Bernhard Schloß explains… Read More »Treasure 71 – Visual thinking, Innovation, Courage

Treasure 65 – Innovation, Habits, Courage

Hi friends of the treasure, another week is over. The year is slowly coming to an end. For many of you the final lap for reaching personal and business goals starts. Many companies are already planning for next year. I hope to give you some inspiration with treasure 65. Let’s start with the topic of innovation. In Nugget #1,Malte Joshua Wagenbach writes why he no longer believes in innovation hubs and… Read More »Treasure 65 – Innovation, Habits, Courage

Treasure 60 – Innovation, Ambidexterity, Pirates, Courage

Dear treasure readers, this week I have the shortest treasure so far. In less than 10 minutes you have digested all the nuggets. Nugget #1 is a real innovation quickie. Everybody should have two minutes available. Sabine Eckhardt caught me with the title. Or did you know what the phrase “The horse does not eat cucumber salad” means? The moral of the story is that an idea or invention is… Read More »Treasure 60 – Innovation, Ambidexterity, Pirates, Courage