Treasure 112 – Decisions

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How do decisions become faster and better? How to decide in complexity? How does consensus democracy work? In this treasure everything revolves around the topic of decisions. There are numerous practical tips and tools. I also present a rather unusual approach.

Treasure 104 – Agility, Data Science, Effectuation

How does the classic organisational tanker become an agile fleet association? How do you become a Citizen Data Scientist? What is the affordable loss? The nuggets in treasure 104 are real heavyweights and have the potential for significant change in your company.

Treasure 101 – Decisions & data

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How can decisions be improved and decentralized? What can companies learn from the Olympic Games? What is the Osborne Effect? A treasure full of numbers, facts and figures and almost 30 minutes of reading. But the investment in time promises many exciting insights. In the last treasure chests, decisions have often been a topic. The Corporate Rebels in Nugget #1 provide practical tips on how to approach the issue. As… Read More »Treasure 101 – Decisions & data

Treasure 100 – Decisions & Innovation

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How to make decisions? Are there wrong decisions? Why do innovation programs fail? What’s going on in Silicon Valley? The anniversary treasure comes with twice as many nuggets as usual. There are regular guests and some premieres. I also take a look back at some of the older issues. I’ve also thought up two actions for even more impulses. More at the end of this treasure. Entrepreneurship for me is… Read More »Treasure 100 – Decisions & Innovation