Treasure 37 – business model, innovation, future

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Nugget #1 is a beautiful article on medium. John Elkington and Richard Johnson wrote it for the business magazine Fast Company. The thesis they put forward is: “Business models are what connects a technology’s potential with real market needs and consumer demand”. I very often observe that companies put a lot of effort and money into disruptive technologies and innovation, but completely ignore the business model. Based on a video of the… Read More »Treasure 37 – business model, innovation, future

Treasure 36 – Innovation

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Nugget #1 is from Katrin Bernreiter and a quick read. She collected the top five killer phrases on innovation. And here, killer phrases are to be taken literally. Because it’s guaranteed to kill ideas. I’m sure everyone’s heard one of those phrases before: How to kill innovations – the top 5 killer phrases (2 min, text, German) Nugget #2 is written by Greg Satell on Harvard Business Review. I am… Read More »Treasure 36 – Innovation

Treasure 35 – Work, Innovation, #whatif?

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Nugget #1 is thanks to my blogger colleague Gregor Ilg. He shared Jennifer Bortchen‘s fantastic article. She writes to me in her mind when she talks about the separation of work and leisure time: “So I can’t help but think of an idea in the shower.” This is exactly what I’m talking about! Also the suggestions how to redistribute time are really cool. After all, machines and algorithms will ensure that many… Read More »Treasure 35 – Work, Innovation, #whatif?