Treasure 45 – Remote work, company culture, Innovation

This week we start with the topic remote work. Nugget #1 is a handy guide for anyone who wants to be more productive and focused when working remotely. Daniela Voss gives us 10 tips that are easy to implement. All of them are actually “common sense”, but still only a few can do it. Email twice a day works quite well for me.¬†However, if one of my social media apps… Read More »Treasure 45 – Remote work, company culture, Innovation

Treasure 44 – Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Remote work

This week starts with the topic of education. In nugget #1 Catharina Bruns writes about entrepreneurship in schools. Developing economically responsible citizens, promoting a culture of independence and a creative mentality are three of the five reasons that I can all fully endorse. I would have wished for a subject like that. If one continues the suggestion to carry out the subject interdisciplinary, one would not even have to add… Read More »Treasure 44 – Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Remote work

Treasure 43 – Innovation, complexity, remote work

The attentive readers of my blog have probably noticed it. On Monday my compass article, didn’t happen. I had a problem with my database last weekend and spent my time repairing it. After this is fixed, we can continue with treasure #43. Nugget #1 comes from Gunnar Sohn. His article continues the topic of ambidextry from the past treasures. The article starts with a look at how many jobs will… Read More »Treasure 43 – Innovation, complexity, remote work

Treasure 42 – Values, Innovation, Pirates

Nugget #1 is a wonderful podcast about values. Mike Kaiser presents three exercises to find out our personal values. Some of you may be familiar with the exercise of your own eulogy. But I have never read the task so motivating. Writing the speech from three perspectives (someone from the family, a colleague and a friend) creates a round picture. But also the island game is exciting. The perfect episode… Read More »Treasure 42 – Values, Innovation, Pirates