Treasure 102 – Email, Leadership, Presentations

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How do I write an email? What is Leadership? How to make good slides? A colorful treasure, in which somehow everything revolves around presentation. Nugget #1 is a TED Talk from Victoria Turk about Email. Yes you have read correctly – EMAIL. On average one day a week is spent on it, I read recently. I took three things out of the talk: Emails are only text, they do not… Read More »Treasure 102 – Email, Leadership, Presentations

Treasure 93 – Diagrams, Presentations, Digital Leader

Do you know Marimekko charts? How do you start a successful presentation? What makes a digital leader? This week there are numerous valuable tips and tricks for presenters and all those who don’t want to miss the connection to the digital age. For company presentations it is often a matter of presenting figures, data and facts. This is often done simply as a table. Since a picture often says more… Read More »Treasure 93 – Diagrams, Presentations, Digital Leader

Treasure 51 – Values, Speed, Presentations

Thank you for the numerous feedback and sharing of my anniversary issue. This encourages me to tackle the next 50 treasures. I hope I haven’t spoiled you too much with the extra portion of nuggets, because this week there are again three finds as usual.┬áIn retrospect, I noticed that all the nuggets were in German. That’s why there’s more content for my English-speaking readers this week. I also replaced the… Read More »Treasure 51 – Values, Speed, Presentations