Treasure 105 – Future, Selfcheck, Worktime

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What is Design Fiction? How can I do a personal selfcheck? Does the equation working time against money still make sense? This treasure chest is about the future of work.

Treasure 86 – Systems, Innovation, ToDo-Lists

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Why is systems thinking an important competence in the 21st century? Where does your organization stand when it comes to innovation? Can you do without your to-do list? Inspiration to these questions and much more can be found in treasure 86, this week in time for Sunday afternoon coffee. Nugget #1 is an interview with Julia Duwe, Chief Agile Manager at Trumpf. The job description sounds a bit like bullshit… Read More »Treasure 86 – Systems, Innovation, ToDo-Lists

Treasure 66 – Productivity, Attitude, Respect

Dear friends of the treasure, we have arrived at number 66. Some of my readers are not German native speakers and prefer to read the English articles. I will try to put at least one article per week into the treasure. You are also welcome to make suggestions to me. For the translation of the German textual contributions I recommend DeepL.¬†Other than that, the German nuggets are perfect for learning… Read More »Treasure 66 – Productivity, Attitude, Respect

Treasure 64 – Busines theater, productivity, home office

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Dear friends of the treasure chest, I slowly recovered from the Smart City Hackathon. It was a really cool event with really exciting projects. There was a short report at the M√ľnchner Merkur. But now let’s get to the next treasure, so that you have enough food for eyes and ears for the weekend. In Nugget #1 you can see one of the best speakers I know. Lars Vollmer talks… Read More »Treasure 64 – Busines theater, productivity, home office