Treasure 79 – Future, Books, Creativity

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Hello dear treasure reader! This week Nugget #1 comes as podcast episode. Ingo Stoll eased my drive between Bamberg and Coburg with the latest episode of MoTcast. The futurist Jens Hansen was a guest in his podcast. He does not simply take a look into the glass ball, but raises questions about the future based on history and current trends. That’s sometimes quite exhausting and controversial, but that’s what makes… Read More »Treasure 79 – Future, Books, Creativity

Treasure 78 – Digital leader, OKR, Pay

Have you ever wondered what makes a digital leader? Harald Schirmer, who I’ve been following on Twitter for a long time and who was already in one of my first treasures, explains it in Nugget #1. You only have to split the term into its two parts. A good leader has nothing to do with digital at first, but must be able to deal with people. Today you often need… Read More »Treasure 78 – Digital leader, OKR, Pay

Treasure 77 – Innovation, Onboarding, Career

Nugget #1 comes from the pen of Dr. Sebastian Vetter. It is about the topic of innovation hubs. In this article the lessons learned 11-15 are listed. The first part is also very worth reading. Innovation tourists often fall into the trap of the Cargo cult. Then fancy office layouts are copied and you wait for the innovations to bubble up. But what drives me the most is measuring innovation.… Read More »Treasure 77 – Innovation, Onboarding, Career

Treasure 76 – Time, Books, Change

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Happy New Year! Here it is, the first treasure in 2019. Do you already have goals for 2019? If so, then maybe you will find one or the other tip. If not, let today’s treasure inspire you. By the way, I also wrote an article about goals in 2017 . Nugget #1 comes from Marcus Raitner, whose blog “F├╝hrung erfahren” always makes me think. This time it’s about time. Many… Read More »Treasure 76 – Time, Books, Change