Treasure 87 – Metrics, Emotions, Digitalisation

Are metrics good or bad? Do emotions belong in professional life or is that unprofessional? What does digitalisation mean for German SMEs? There has been silence on this blog for a few days, because the Brose Technology Days needed my full mental capacity. By late Sunday afternoon, there’s finally food for thought and answers to the three questions. For me at least as exciting as the crime scene on Sunday… Read More »Treasure 87 – Metrics, Emotions, Digitalisation

Treasure 86 – Systems, Innovation, ToDo-Lists

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Why is systems thinking an important competence in the 21st century? Where does your organization stand when it comes to innovation? Can you do without your to-do list? Inspiration to these questions and much more can be found in treasure 86, this week in time for Sunday afternoon coffee. Nugget #1 is an interview with Julia Duwe, Chief Agile Manager at Trumpf. The job description sounds a bit like bullshit… Read More »Treasure 86 – Systems, Innovation, ToDo-Lists

Treasure 85 – Innovation & Organization

How do I prepare the ground for innovation? Is innovation only for R&D? How do you keep your organization fit to deal with surprises? The video treasure provides answers. You can consume it faster than an episode of your favorite series. We start with Astro Teller, head of Alphabet’s Moonshot factory X. He tells how he prepares the ground for innovation. This is not possible by cleverly combining different methods.… Read More »Treasure 85 – Innovation & Organization

Treasure 84 – Workflow, SXSW, Startups

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How to find the needle in the haystack of information? What’s going on at SXSW in Austin? Where are the Start-Up Hotspots? Today’s three nuggets give answers. I browse the net a lot to get new information and inspiration. On one hand this can become quite confusing, on the other hand the question arises how to further process the sighted information. Currently I use Trello as a storage for articles… Read More »Treasure 84 – Workflow, SXSW, Startups