Treasure 98 – Customer centricity, social innovation, bullshit jobs

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Do you hear your customers? Can social innovation be economic? Do you have a bullshit job? This treasure is a plea for meaningful work. Do you also work in a department? Then you might know the dilemma. Everybody is functionally divided and everybody has own goals. Some are responsible for the timely delivery of new products, others for quality and purchasing for costs. Conflicts of objectives are pre-programmed and bonus… Read More »Treasure 98 – Customer centricity, social innovation, bullshit jobs

Treasure 97 – Digitalization & Courage

How far apart is the engineering world and the digital world? How do you solve the shock of digitalization? What costs causes lack of courage? A treasure chest for reflection, developing ideas and controversial discussions. Nugget # 1 is an article on digitalization by AndrĂ© M. Bajorat. Oh no, not again about digitalization, you’ll think. Do not worry, the article is not the usual bullshit bingo, but offers many impulses… Read More »Treasure 97 – Digitalization & Courage

Treasure 96 – Learning

What helps lifelong learning? What are learning organizations? What is the 70-20-10 rule? This week there is a treasure full of learning topics. Last week I had a short talk with our two working students who said goodbye in the afternoon to go learn. “Tobias, luckily you don’t need to learn any more,” said the one to me. I quickly took the illusion away from him. I think I am… Read More »Treasure 96 – Learning

Treasure 95 – Teams & Trust

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How do I put together a team? What does trust have to do with credit? How can you learn something about trust in a game? Treasure 95 fulfils three wishes at once. Like Kinder surprise did in a famous German commercial during my youth. In Nugget #1 Dr. Joachim Schlosser writes about team composition. With a quote from Pirates of the Caribbean he quickly got the attention of CompanyPirate. How… Read More »Treasure 95 – Teams & Trust