Treasure 91 – Decisions, Agile Games, Entrepreneurship

How to make decisions? How to learn agile mindset in a playful way? How do my employees learn entrepreneurship? Few recipes, but lots of food for thought in the newest treasure. Nugget #1 is about decisions. Recently I moderated a Brownbag Lunch on this topic and all agreed that that there are hardly any opportunities to educate oneself about decisions. So it is not surprising that powerful tools like the… Read More »Treasure 91 – Decisions, Agile Games, Entrepreneurship

Treasure 90 – KLIP, WIP, Digital

How to measure learning progress? What can a company learn from a dentist? How does Porsche approach digitalization? I have learned a lot with treasure 90. I have already written about KPIs and their negative sides in treasure 87. Lars Richter shows another dark side in Nugget #1. It can demotivate when learning. Fortunately he offers an alternative – KLIPs. They measure progress in learning. This can definitely motivate. For… Read More »Treasure 90 – KLIP, WIP, Digital

Treasure 89 – Phygital, Amazon, Perfectionism

What is phygital? What can we learn from Amazon and where can we even do better? How can perfectionism be compensated? Inspiration for ears and eyes can be found in Treasure 89. Nugget #1 is the current episode of the ada Podcast about Phygital. This is not a new disease but the combination of physical and digital. Astrid Maier and Sven Prange catch me with a sport analogy. I try… Read More »Treasure 89 – Phygital, Amazon, Perfectionism

Treasure 88 – Excel, Quota, Decisions

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Is Excel harmful? Does it need a women’s quota? How do you make decisions? A colourful treasure with words, sounds and pictures provides answers and suggestions. Nugget #1 is about a disease. Is your company also infected? Tobias W. Goers diagnosed it in medium sized companies. But I also know it from large corporations. This is the Excel dilemma. Excel is the Swiss army knife for pretty much every question… Read More »Treasure 88 – Excel, Quota, Decisions