Can misfits enable a better economy?

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Man proposes, God disposes I spontaneously think of a handful of recent situations where this idiom applies. We spent a week vacation at the Baltic Sea and my son injures his ankle at the beginning of the week during a round of football in the garden. The insurance card is of course at home in Bamberg. “Shit happens!” Luckily, I manage to welcome these surprises more often and see the… Read More »Can misfits enable a better economy?

Treasure 94 – Engineers, Garages, Hypotheses

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Why do engineers have such a hard time with agility? Why doesn’t a garage make you innovative? What are hypotheses and which are the first to be validated? Texts and videos to think about as well as plenty of learning can be found in the newest treasure. Nugget #1 is an article that speaks from the heart. Nicolas Korte, managing director of a medium-sized plant manufacturer, is obviously in the… Read More »Treasure 94 – Engineers, Garages, Hypotheses

Treasure 93 – Diagrams, Presentations, Digital Leader

Do you know Marimekko charts? How do you start a successful presentation? What makes a digital leader? This week there are numerous valuable tips and tricks for presenters and all those who don’t want to miss the connection to the digital age. For company presentations it is often a matter of presenting figures, data and facts. This is often done simply as a table. Since a picture often says more… Read More »Treasure 93 – Diagrams, Presentations, Digital Leader

Treasure 92 – Visualization, Innovation, Trello

How do you record essentials on paper? How does Daimler develop new business models? How do you get more out of Trello? You’ll learn that in the latest treasure. The treasure now appears every Monday. So you can try out the inspirations directly in the company throughout the week. I am a little more flexible over the weekend with the composition of the treasure. If you don’t want to miss… Read More »Treasure 92 – Visualization, Innovation, Trello