Treasure 104 – Agility, Data Science, Effectuation

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How does the classic organisational tanker become an agile fleet association? How do you become a Citizen Data Scientist? What is the affordable loss? The nuggets in treasure 104 are real heavyweights and have the potential for significant change in your company.

Treasure 91 – Decisions, Agile Games, Entrepreneurship

How to make decisions? How to learn agile mindset in a playful way? How do my employees learn entrepreneurship? Few recipes, but lots of food for thought in the newest treasure. Nugget #1 is about decisions. Recently I moderated a Brownbag Lunch on this topic and all agreed that that there are hardly any opportunities to educate oneself about decisions. So it is not surprising that powerful tools like the… Read More »Treasure 91 – Decisions, Agile Games, Entrepreneurship

Treasure 52 – Training, Agility, Relaxation

Dear readers, The football world cup is currently still underway in Russia. Even though I’m more into basketball, I’ve watched a game or two and admired great team performances. Today’s treasure is therefore mainly about sport. And since summer holidays are on in Germany and many other countries, I have also put a very special nugget in the box. In Nugget 1, which are actually two nuggets, Dr. Andreas Zeuch and Dr.… Read More »Treasure 52 – Training, Agility, Relaxation

Treasure 46 – Agility, Learning, Republica

Nugget #1 is about agility in mechanical engineering. But I think the result is also relevant for my industry (semiconductors) and many other engineering professions. Bastian Wilkat runs the podcast “Der Flaneur” and has Benno Löffler on the mic in episode 40. The first part deals with the organization of the company into functional departments. With the statement “If the problems that are actually to be solved become interdisciplinary, then… Read More »Treasure 46 – Agility, Learning, Republica