Treasure 104 – Agility, Data Science, Effectuation

How does the classic organisational tanker become an agile fleet association? How do you become a Citizen Data Scientist? What is the affordable loss? The nuggets in treasure 104 are real heavyweights and have the potential for significant change in your company.

Treasure 103 – Innovation & Silicon Valley

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What are the success factors of innovation units? How do Innovation Labs generate homeless ideas? Which way of thinking makes founders successful in Silicon Valley? This treasure is all about innovation. The impulse for this treasure came from CompanyPirate reader Benedikt Bez, who wanted information on the topic “Cooperation between companies for innovation”. I will try to get more nuggets on this topic over the next few weeks. What about… Read More »Treasure 103 – Innovation & Silicon Valley

Treasure 100 – Decisions & Innovation

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How to make decisions? Are there wrong decisions? Why do innovation programs fail? What’s going on in Silicon Valley? The anniversary treasure comes with twice as many nuggets as usual. There are regular guests and some premieres. I also take a look back at some of the older issues. I’ve also thought up two actions for even more impulses. More at the end of this treasure. Entrepreneurship for me is… Read More »Treasure 100 – Decisions & Innovation

Treasure 98 – Customer centricity, social innovation, bullshit jobs

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Do you hear your customers? Can social innovation be economic? Do you have a bullshit job? This treasure is a plea for meaningful work. Do you also work in a department? Then you might know the dilemma. Everybody is functionally divided and everybody has own goals. Some are responsible for the timely delivery of new products, others for quality and purchasing for costs. Conflicts of objectives are pre-programmed and bonus… Read More »Treasure 98 – Customer centricity, social innovation, bullshit jobs