Treasure 75 – Best of CompanyPirate

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Hello! It’s hard to believe, but in 10 days the year 2018 will end. For me it was an extremely exciting year with a lot of personal change. Treasure 75 will be my last post for this year. That’s why I decided to do a Best of Companypirate. I put my three favorite articles from 2018 into the box and hope you like this little review. Maybe you missed the… Read More »Treasure 75 – Best of CompanyPirate

Treasure 73 – Digitization, Innovation, lateral thinking

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Good morning, Waiting for the treasure? Here are the three nuggets of the week: Nugget #1 is one of the new episodes of Changerider. Philipp Depiereux is hammering out one episode after the other. Recently, he has been taken to East Belgium. The episode also improved my geography knowledge a bit. Oliver Paasch is Prime Minister of this part of Belgium and explains the benefits of digitisation for rural areas. When… Read More »Treasure 73 – Digitization, Innovation, lateral thinking

Treasure 72 – Innovation and China

Ni hao, This week I was in Shanghai for my new company’s Asia Innovation Day. On the plane I had time for some podcasts about innovation, especially innovation in China. Nugget #1 is a new episode of Bastian Wilkat’s podcast “The Flaneur”. It is a summary of the book “Startup DNA” by Frank Thelen, known from the TV show “Höhle der Löwen”, which is the German version of Shark Tank. You… Read More »Treasure 72 – Innovation and China

Treasure 71 – Visual thinking, Innovation, Courage

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Welcome back, without further ado we go to the Nuggets of the week. I love it visually! That’s why Nugget #1 is a video series about business visualization.Christian Botta, Daniel Reinold and Bernhard Schloß have written a book on the subject and created a series of small videos on LinkedIn Learning. The video of the week is even available without a LinkedIn Learning account. In the featured video Bernhard Schloß explains… Read More »Treasure 71 – Visual thinking, Innovation, Courage