Get Inspired by the Neighbors – Future of work

I’m overdue on day 9 of the challenge – Choose a post that piques my interest and build on it.

Yesterday we had May 1st. In Germany and many other countries we celebrate labor day. Nadja Petranovskaja used the opportunity and blogged about the future of work: The post was very straight, open and honest. Nadja was upsaid about the inertness of Germans when it comes to the future of work. She adds that we most likely are too deep in our comfort zone.

I can only second her thoughts. We usually see concerns and why things won’t work. But there are great opportunities ahead of us! I can immediately name three, but am sure there are many more:

  • Hard, boring and stupid labor will be replaced by new jobs which are creative and inspiring. Who wouldn’t want this?
  • Automation enables production in countries with high labor cost. We don’t need to ship goods around the world (reduces CO2 emissions) and exploit people in emerging countries.
  • Flexibility in working models (remote work, # of hours, …) will mean an end of „9 to 5“ jobs and benefit society. We can spend more time with our families, support education and improve society.

So I see a positive future of work and I’m ready to create this future. I hope you join too! Stay tuned for upcoming posts on these bullets…