#fastbreak – pirate on a tanker

Since a few weeks I attend a MOOC from MIT called „u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future“. It is based on Theory U from Otto Scharmer.

As part of this course I attend a weekly video call with people I never met in person, but I it feels like a little family already. Every 2 weeks there’s a coach clinic, where one case giver is presenting an actual challenge and the others train their listening and empathy skills by mirroring the case giver and help him in learning. Our today’s case giver announced that he’ll discontinue this activity. No idea why I stepped up, but I didn’t want the call to end so I made my case about my career.

What came out of the exercise was really stunning! My coaches observed body language, feelings and gave me plenty of analogies. We compiled this to a picture of my current situation and I was able to see much more clearly what is going on. Now I’m this little pirate handcuffed on a tanker on a quest what’s next. I’m so thankful for my coaching circle for this exercise!


Source: Pixabay

Feel free to reach out to me in case this sparked your interest and I can share more about Theory U, ulab and my case. Love to hear from you!