My blog name and categories

Hi there,

day 14 of the blogging university arrived and I refined my blog a bit. First of all I added a little logo to my site. It’s sketch of my favorite basketball arena. And this triggered a slight renaming of my blog, too.


Source: Pixabay

Finally I came up with four categories that I will feature moving forward. All have basketball analogies. Here they are:

  • Fastbreak – Quick shots, short thoughts. This is something I’ll post frequently. Thoughts that don’t fit into 140 characters for a twitter post, but short enough for a quick read.
  • Rebound – Comments and reviews about books, articles, posts, podcasts from others. Or to speak in basketball terms, a shot that others made and I catch it and pass it along.
  • Buzzerbeater – Something that made me freak out. Doesn’t happen too often, but when it happens it lasts.
  • Halftime – Entertaining stuff that isn’t directly related to the „game“. Could be posts about travel, basketball, whatever.

With this post the blogging fundamentals course is over. Made a lot of fun. Stay tuned!