Treasure #2 – Remote working, complexity and lean startup

The first nugget is on remote working and is a podcast. Lisette Sutherland from Happy Melly already has 147 episodes full of experience reports, tipps, tricks and tools on remote working:

The second nugget is a book co-authored by Line Jehle who I introduced in my recent post about remote working. The book is a collection of knowledge and tools for managers who are dealing with global dispersed and virtual complex networks. It also features some interviews with leaders who share experiences in this field. You can clearly notice the different writing styles of  the authors, which hampered the flow of reading. Other than that a great resource to understand complexity and how to deal with it.

If you are in Germany and want to purchase it as a paperback, feel free to buy here and support some charity organizations.

The third nugget is again from my network It is about market research versus lean startup (German!). A must watch for everybody in marketing, business roles or founders, but interesting for everybody who wants to know where market research falls short. Video can be directly viewed here:

Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.

Hope this is helpful again. Interested in your feedback!