Treasure #3 – #change, #teamperformance, #globalism

Friday! Time for my next treasure to give you some food for the weekend.

My personal highlight this week and therefore nugget #1 is an article (German) from Harald Schirmer. Sorry for my non-German readers, but this is worth sharing. He titles the article „#NewWork meets reality – an experience report“. I hope people are not scared by this title. For me Harald wrote the playbook for corporate change. Here you go:
#NewWork trifft Realität – ein Erfahrungsbericht
If you are interested to read about the topics in English, let me know and I’ll add it to the creative backlog of my blog.

Nugget #2 is about team performance. It is a 8 minutes video titled „What makes one team smarter than another?“. Anita Williams Woolley shares why some teams are smarter than others . I recommend it because it backs up my beliefs that diversity and collaboration drive performance. It is not so much about individual performance or assembling a team of super stars. The video is brought to you by re:Work from Google. A great resource for practices and ideas how to make work better.

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Nugget #3 is a TED dialogue. You might know TED talks, which are usually around 15 mins. This is a dialogue and you need to spend an hour. The guest is Yuval Noah Harari, whose books Sapiens and Home Deus are on my reading list. He answers questions from the moderator and the audience about nationalism versus globalism, a very hot topic these days. In the course of the talk he also touches on topics like e.g. climate change and artificial intelligence. I like it because it becomes apparent, that we we need to work on a global optimization instead of local optimization. Here you go:

Hope this is enough food for the weekend. I’ll visit the Wevent about #change. Maybe I meet one of my readers there?