Treasure 7 – #digitaltransformation, #drone, #audio

Nugget #1 this week is a podcast. Ingo Stoll produces , the official Masters of Transformation Podcast. It is all about digital transformation, from digital leadership to business. This podcast was started as German podcast, but recently also features English episodes. My favorite episode „Climbing down the rabbit hole“ features Nolan Bushnell. A great talk about education, future, learning and gaming:

Nugget #2 is for the drone enthusiasts among my readers. The ambulance drone that could save lifes: Flying defibrillator (Thanks for the hint Alexander Gerber)

Nugget #3 is an App recommendation. MyNoise helps you focus at work, relax or beam you to a different place. Available on Android and iOS. My favorite sound: Take it easy.

Enjoy your weekend!