Treasure 8 – #courage, #innovation, #vision

TGIF! Not because I had a bad week. In fact I had an exciting week with hosting the first Innovation Spark event at Texas Instruments Germany. TGIF because I can get you some new nuggets.

Nugget #1 this week is an article from Tijen Onaran in the German Wirtschaftswoche. She describes why courage always pays off. Short article, to the point and 100% matches my attitude:

Nugget #2 is a blog post from Tom Dahlström who I met at a Wevent. The post took a while until it resonated with me. Tom comes up with a calculation for the cost of the „do nothing“ project in an organisation. While you can argue about the calculation (that’s the nature of estimates), the concept of a „do nothing“ project is awesome:

Nugget #3 is a documentary film by Arte, a long watch with 1h24min and German (since Arte I guess you can find a French version somewhere). The title roughly translates to „enough of fast“. The film is about the era of acceleration and its consequences for business and society. While I can’t agree with all perspectives in this film, it definitely expanded my horizon and provided some interesting examples on how we might work and live in the next decades. If you watch it, let me know what you think either personally, as comment below this post or via the various social media channels:


Have a wonderful weekend!

PS: If ever wondered what the #ff in the post description means. This stands for follow friday and is used on Twitter to recommend some interesting handles.